Hiking Kamchatka Kronotsky Nature Reserve and Geyser Valley

Forests of sea plants, paths that are surrounded by massive flowers and grass, calming waterfalls, deep valleys, jumping salmon, grazing bears and hissing volcanoes, are a few sights that await the visitor at the Kamchatka Kronotsky Nature Reserve and Geyser Valley. Kamchatka was first inhibited by hunters who were descendants from the North American Indians. People had migrated from Asia to Alaska some 10 thousand years ago, and they were dependant on the land and lived off what was to their disposal. Although explorers passed through Kamchatka, the area remains wild and natural. The Kronotsky Nature Reserve is the oldest reserve on the peninsula and because of its natural and untouched beauty, it has become the most famous and popular nature reserve.

Located in the south east side of Kamchatka, the Kamchatka Kronotsky Nature Reserve and Geyser Valley covers an area of one million hectares. Due to the dwindling numbers of the wild Sable and other animals that live in the area, Kronotsky Nature Reserve prohibited mass tourism in 1977. Due to these actions, many animals were saved from extinction, and the vegetation was able to grow and mature naturally.

The natural phenomenon of Geyser Valley is an extremely famous site within the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. The ancient tribes believed that the geysers were the homes of mighty spirits. Geyser Valley has many hot springs and geysers located within it, and every second there is approximately 250 to 300 liters of thermal water that runs into the Geyser Valley. The most impressive geyser is named Velikan Geyser, which has a diameter of two meters and an eruption that rises thirty meters into the air.

For visitors who have chosen to hike the area, base camps are usually set up at the foot of the Karymsky volcano, which is still active and many times lava and flying pieces of volcanic material can be seen. There are various hikes around the area from Karymskove Lake, where in 1996 an underwater eruption took place. Alternatively you can hike to the camp that is scattered with lawns that overflow with berries, honeysuckles and a variety of different herbs. Or hikers can explore the hot springs, mud caldrons or lake areas. Hiking in the Kronotsky Reserve and Geyser Valley is a safe and breathtaking trip that is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.


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