Kara-Oiuk Peak - A True Challenge

To climb the Kara-Oiuk Peak requires more than just fitness - it requires skill. Hikers attempting this popular Russian hiking attraction will need to have some mountaineering experience while mountain climbers will find that everything they have learned thus far will come in handy. The journey to the base of the Kara-Oiuk Peak starts at the bivouac, which is situated just west of the Akkemskiy glacier. Most people make the trip by hiking and quickly discover that the territory is very challenging. It is advisable that both hikers and climbers make use of a guide or partake in a group expedition to ensure that they safely reach their destination.

On reaching the bivouac, the route runs east across the glacier. It is here that you will require the use of implements such as ice axes and ropes to navigate your way to the snow ridge of the Kara-Oiuk. This Russian hiking attraction is not for the weak at heart. From the snow ridge the route starts a winding journey to the top - a journey that will require the addition of ice pitons to your already cumbersome gear to help you make your way to the peak. Although the climb to the Kara-Oiuk Peak is a climb more than a hike, it is possible to make the climb in one day. This means that hikers and climbers do not have to sleep over, do the climb in stages or carry extra weight. The southern ridge is the safest point to descend from and this takes you to the upper area of the Mensu glacier. This glacier falls within the boundaries of the Lakes Region, which is south east of the Belukha area. It can be accessed by helicopter or reached via a three-day hike up the picturesque Chuyskiy Road that winds along the banks of the Chuya river.

Apart from the excitement and challenge of this noteworthy climb, the region is filled with rolling birch woods that transform into larches above 2 000 meters above sea level. The lush green trees and bushes that blanket the landscape, complimented by the chilling blue hue to the sky and the soaring mountains provide the perfect scenery for hikers and climbers to enjoy during their time here. Despite the natural beauty of the Shavlo region, tourism not well-developed and so hikers and campers will find that facilities are rudimentary. Not only will they have to pitch their own tents for shelter, but they will also have to collect water from the rivers and catch fish in the lakes for their meals. These meals are cooked over an open fire with the breathtaking mountains providing a stunning backdrop in the background.


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