An Exciting Hike Up Mount Belukha

Mount Belukha, or Belucha, forms part of the snowcapped Russian mountain series known as the Kayun Mountains. In the Russian part of the Altai Mountains, Belukha is the highest peak at 4 506 meters. There are glaciers that cover approximately 70 square kilometers, with the largest named Berel, at a height of 1 950 meters. The region in which Mount Belucha lies receives snowfall all year round. The largest river in this region, the Katyn river, runs down the Belukha slopes.

Areas that can be explored whilst hiking through the Mount Belukha region, are the Valley of the Seven Lakes and the Yarlu River, both found in the area of Lake Ak-Kem. Rock carvings are located in the Kucherla Valley across the Kara-Tyured Pass, at a height of 3 600 meters. There are two base camps available to visitors who have decided to hike through the Mount Belukha region. Situated on the bank of the Ak-Kem river, is the Ak-Kem base camp at a height of 1 900 meters above sea level. A traditional Altai dwelling is available, including a canteen and a sauna. The Katun River is home to the Vysontnik base camp, located near Tiungur Village, and can also be reached by bus from Barnaul or by plane from Barnaul. Hiking on Mount Belukha could not be easier with a base camp that features wooden cottages, toilets, suanas, an equipment hiring center and hot meals that are served in the canteen.

The climb to the summit features various terrain, and therefore hikers and climbers should be in a fit physical condition and must have basic climbing skills, along with mountaineering equipment that will be used during the climb. Hikers and climbers can either carry their own luggage or request horses at the base camp or discuss this option with their travel agency or guide. Vital gear and equipment, suggested by a trained guide or agency, will be needed as the weather conditions can be severe. Waterproof clothing, sleeping bags, light boots and warm jackets are just a few items that are needed to hike the terrain. All mountain ranges in Russia are on a scale from 1 to 6, with subdivisions A or B. On this scale, Mount Belukha is a 3A.


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