Russian Hunting & Fishing Expeditions

Hunting in Russia has become a very popular pastime, especially for tourists and Russian men in the countryside. Fishing has also become a very popular sport in Russia, and with good reason, given that so many species of fish in the Russian lakes and rivers are found nowhere else in the world. There are many hunting and fishing establishments in Russia that provide exciting tours, accompanied by professional guides with dogs and special equipment, to ensure that all hunters and fisherman will have excellent service and protection. Most hunting establishments offer taxidermy services and will organised to have the stuffed animal delivered to the tourist's country.

Animals you can expect to see while hunting in one of the many lush forests of the former Soviet Union, are: Wild boars, moose, red deer, wolves, brown bears, lynx, foxes, black cocks, wild ducks, geese and capercailzies. You should keep in mind though that species you can hunt differ according to seasons. The best season for game is September to December, while for fowl it is mainly in spring time.

A very popular region for hunting in Russia is the Republic of Sakha in Yakutia, which has the largest hunting grounds in Russia. Some 308 million hectares are given to various forms of hunting. With the Brown Bear population being so large and stable you can almost be sure of a 100% trophy warranty in this region.

For fishing the most popular place in Russia is the Sakhalin Island, with frequently reported specimens as heavy as 48 kg. Depending on the time period, you will be able to fish for Perch, Salmon trout, Silver Salmon, Flat fish, East Siberian char, Ralibut, Smelt, Dolly Varden trout and many more.


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