Investigate the Fascinating Islands of Russia

Russia is a country that is filled with waterways, rivers and lakes, and it boasts a vast coastline. Over and above the solid landmass of the country, there are many fascinating islands in Russia, each with their own unique features, topography and history. Some of the Russian islands are singular pieces of land, whilst others are made up of clusters of small islands. Many have interesting historical buildings and attractions, and others are rich in wildlife and breathtaking views.

Some of the most significant islands in Russia include Franz Josef Land, the Kuril Islands, the Solovetsky Islands, Sakhalin Islands, Novaya Zemlya, the Diomede Islands, the New Siberian Islands, Kunashir Island and the Islands of Lake Baikal. Visiting these islands gives guests insight into the influence that weather, location and vegetation has on the wildlife that is found on the islands. It is interesting to investigate the historical importance of the Russian islands and the roles they have played.

When looking at the New Siberian Islands, they are referred to as an Archipelago. This means that the islands are made up of large islands that are divided into island groups. The New Siberian Islands are therefore divided into the Anzhu Islands, the De Longa Islands and the Lyakhovsky Islands. Together, the islands cover an area of approximately 29 thousand kilometers. The Sakhalin Island is the largest Russian island, and is separated from the mainland by a very narrow strait. It is an island that is blanketed by green, dense forests and is rife with wildlife such as squirrels, deer, bears, hares, foxes and a large variety of birds. Wrangel Island, which lies off the Siberian Coastline, is a perfect example of an Arctic Russian Island. What sets Wrangel Island apart from the other Arctic islands is its richness in vegetation, wildlife and ecosystems. It is these unique characteristics that have earned the island a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site listing. Filled with shrubs, grassland, arctic desert and wildlife, it is a spectacular island. A complete opposite of Wrangle Island would be the Commander Islands, also known as the Komandorski Islands. These islands are completely treeless and consist of a cluster of islands, including Sea Lion Rock, Medny island, Sea Otter Rock and Bering Island. Inhabitants of the islands live in small villages and rely on the surrounding oceans for food.

The islands of Russia are diverse and have their own significance. From being home to wildlife and spectacular vegetation, to being locations of historical importance, or inhabited by delightful people, each island will amaze visitors as not one island is the same as the next.


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