Discover the Sheer Splendor of Olkhon Island

Of all the islands in Russia, Olkhon is probably the most popular as a tourist destination. Olkhon Island is listed amongst the biggest lake-islands on earth, measuring approximately 730 square kilometers. It is located in Lake Baikal and is known for its unmatched natural beauty, noteworthy attractions and comfortable accommodations.

Olkhon is an inhabited Russian island, with most residents living in Khuzhur, the island's main village. Villagers depend mostly on cattle ranching, fishing and farming for their source of income, with the tourism industry being the most important industry for the island. Visitors are able to reach the island of Olkhon by ferry. Tourists might feel a little out of their depth when they first arrive on Olkhon Island as electricity for the island is supplied by generators, there are no telephones and there is absolutely no chance of getting a cellphone signal anywhere on the island. But, the village is not completely without services. Cafés, shops and stores supply villagers and guests with beer, fresh fruits, milk, vegetables, bread and other vital supplies. Locals are also extremely protective of their island and the killing of animals, damaging of plants or cutting of any flowers will not be tolerated. It is essential for visitors to remain on the roads and campfires should only be made in areas that are set aside for this purpose. The risk of forest fires poses a great threat to the wildlife and villagers on the island.

Opposed to the Arctic islands in Russia, Olkhon is covered in dense forests, rolling, green hills, lush meadows and thick grass. The island also has its own mountain, Zhima Mountain, five breathtaking lakes, picturesque cliffs and beaches. Most visitors opt to explore this unique Russian island on a mountain bike, by kayak or on horseback. Noteworthy attractions on the island include the Khuzhir History Museum, the Shaman Cave, Khoboy Cape and the Three Brothers Rock. As with any ancient destination, Olkhon Island also has its legends and folklores. One of the most familiar states that Genghis Khan, the thirteenth century Mongol ruler, also known as the “Conqueror of the Universe”, was buried somewhere on the island.

Every part of Olkhon Island is fascinating and unique. From its fauna and flora, to its legends and landscapes, Olkhon is a destination that visitors will find to be an adventure - exciting, breathtaking and unforgettable. For a magical experience off the beaten track, visit the island of Olkhon.


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