Get Outdoors with a Russian Jeep Tour

Russia has an enormous space with numerous cultural and natural monuments that makes organizing a jeep tour very favorable. Jeep tours in Russia may either be extreme or comparatively easy without exhausting physical loads. For those people who favor off-road tours, adrenaline is often more important than comfort. The majority of Jeep Tours in Russia are organized from the end of spring till the middle of fall, although there are usually special winter tours as well.

A Jeep Tour will give you a chance to discover Russia right from within its incredible landscapes. It will also allow you to have a close encounter with Russia's natural wonders, lakes and mountains. Tourists who go on Jeep Tours visit the most interesting and beautiful areas, such as Lake Baikal where they can take walking tours along the shore and into the taiga-forest. Jeep tours give you the ability to combine different activities like hiking, paddling a canoe, exploring ancient rock paintings, camping at a solitude beach and fishing.

Another very popular Jeep tour route is in the East Sayan Mountains, which are relatively young, rocky mountain systems covering a huge territory from the Altay Mountains throughout the Tuva Republic to the Russia-Mongolian frontier and Lake Baikal. The heart of this land - Oka valley, hidden in the center of Sayan Mountains, is separated from the nearest railway station with more then 400 km of taiga forest, swift rivers and high mountain passes. A dirt road only accessible by 4X4s was built 15 years ago and provides access to this region. This dirt road together with glorious Jeep Tours is the reason for this region becoming very popular among Russian and foreign outdoor enthusiasts. Many natural attractions draw visitors to this magnificent land. Trekkers come to enjoy the uninhabited mountain valleys and extinct volcanoes, relax at thermal baths, climb unknown summits; whilst white-water fans appreciate tough rapids of the Oka river combined with picturesque views and good fishing.

Russia has the finest waterfalls, the widest lakes, virgin forests, abandoned iron mines and caves, chapels, churches and old villages, which will all be a total captivating experience when explored by a jeep.


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