Kant Russian State University - A Leading Educational Institution

The Kant Russian State University or Immanuel Kant State University is located in Kaliningrad, and is considered the oldest university in Russia. The university was formerly known as the Kaliningrad State University and before that, the Konigsberg Albertina University.

In 1544, the Albertina University was opened by Albrecht of Brandenburg, who was the first duke of Prussia. He had opened the university to be the Lutheran counterpart to the university in Krakow, the Roman Catholic Jagiellonian University. It comprised of four colleges, namely theology, philosophy, medicine and law, and was the second oldest of the Brandenburg-Prussia universities. Georg Sabinus was the first rector at the age of 36, and the rectors who were to follow were be members of the Prussian Royals, and most had never even been to university. In the 18th century, Immanuel Kant was made rector of the university and he never left Konigsberg, which is why his grave is situated on the university grounds. The university had created a magical botanical garden which was inaugurated in 1811, and two years later, a beautiful observatory was erected right next to the gardens by Friedrich Bessel. Professors that would become famous and legends in the world of science, taught at the university. To name a few, Hermann van Helmholtz (Physicist 1849 – 1955), Carl Gustav Jacobi (Mathematician 1829 – 1942), Johann Gottlieb Fichte (Philosopher 1806 – 1907) and Franz Ernst Neumann (Mineralogist 1817 – 1834). The university was most famous for the mathematics school, which associations with people such as Hermann Minkowski who was Einstein’s teacher and David Hilbert. The university celebrated its 400th anniversary in 1944.

In 1945, the university would be devastated as Konigsberg was annihilated by the Allies, and the university destroyed. The Russophone Kaliningrad Pedagogical Institute replaced the Albertina University, and reinstated as the Kaliningrad State University in 1967. A few of the old university structures are still seen within the new building. Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroder attended the Kaliningrad 450th anniversary celebrations in 2005, and announced that the university would be renamed Kant Russian State University. It also attained federal status under the name of Immanuel Kant State University of Russia or known as IKSUR.

Apart from being a leading educational institution, the Immanuel Kant State University of Russia, in Kaliningrad, is also a research facility. The attending researchers play a vital role in solving various problems in cultural, political, economic and environmental areas, in regard to the Kaliningrad region. The IKSUR still boasts with a botanical garden and a museum. The university covers a 36 000 meters of study and teaching space, with ten buildings, a variety of laboratories, three residence halls and two field sites. The IKSUR also has a full membership with the European University Association.


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Mr. Nickolaus E. Hendel - 2010-03-25 15:08:24

I really hope that someday soon, I can visit your new and exciting university. I would look forward to this and many other wonderful things it has to offer. Thank you for allowing me to enter your wonderful world! Nickolaus

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