Travel Lake Ladoga in Russia

Located in northwestern Russia, Lake Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe and it has been very involved in the history of the nation. 17 700 square kilometers in size, this impressive lake has approximately 660 islands. Most of these islands are situated on the northwestern coast. The well known Valaam Islands are among them.

The Lake is fed by three main tributaries, the River Svir, the River Vuoksi and the Volkhov River, and it drains into the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. In the past, a border between Sweden and Russian and then later between Finland and Russia were drawn through the Lake. During the siege of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Lake Ladoga was the only source of access to the city. Food and other supplies were transported into the metropolis by means of truck which traveled over the frozen waters, or by means of boat during the summer months. Because of this, Lake Ladoga was given the nickname "the Road of Life".

There is a lot to see and do at Lake Ladoga. One might take a leisurely cruise which allows you the opportunity to visit very old monasteries and other historical sites, or simply to enjoy the pristine backdrop to this pretty lake. Or, you might try to spend some time attempting to spot the Ringed Seal. Lake Ladoga has its very own subspecies of this sweet little creature. If you'd prefer, you can perhaps organize a trip to the island of Valaam where the Valamo Monastery still stands. This monastery was founded in the 10th century, but has subsequently been destroyed and rebuilt. It is currently in use to some degree. If you are going to St Petersburg, your trip simply would not be complete without a visit to Lake Ladoga.


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