Explore Lake Brosno in Russia

Situated in the Tver region in Russia, Lake Brosno is a place of mystery and intrigue. From legends of giant snakes or dragons living in the water to underwater volcanoes, stories surrounding the happenings in the lake abound. The lake has a depth of about 43 meters at its deepest point. Lake Brosno also has many other things of interest. There is a Sunken church on the western part of the lake, as well as many fish species which seem to be characteristically out of place in this large body of water. These fish include burbot and perch, which are saltwater fish.

One of the most popular legends of the lake is that of Brosnya, the serpent or Dragon of the lake. Much like its Scottish counterpart, the Loch Ness Monster, this seemingly fictitious creature has never been photographed or documented but seems to live on in the stories that are told about it. It is known for scaring away attacking armies and devious robbers to even swallowing up a German airplane during WWII. More often, however, the tales tell of fishermen being swallowed or bumped about of their boats and many locals say you can still see it while walking on the shores of the lake.

With science winning over superstition these days, many attempts to explain Brosnya have been made. Some say that it is a giant beaver or pike. Others say it is an optical illusion created by either eruptions from an underwater volcano or by a shoal of smelt which may reflect light and appear as a huge dragon head. It is indeed possible that an undiscovered volcano lies at the bottom of the lake as there are many fissures in the area. But these theories do not explain how people are able to sight the 'dragon' from the shore. Whatever the case, a trip to the mysterious Lake Brosno might be able to help you solve the mystery of Brosnya yourself.


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