Explore the Glorious Lake Plescheyevo in Russia

One of the best-known lakes in Russia, Lake Plescheyevo, is located in Yaroslavl Oblast near the town of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky. Formerly a resort for Russian tsars, the lake is now a part of the Plescheyevo National Park. It is about 51 square kilometers in size and measures 25 meters deep in the middle. The water is very shallow for about 200 meters from every shore and the lake is very popular for camping, swimming and fishing. Some people even use it for windsurfing during the summer months.

This beautiful lake and its neighboring town have been home to many tsars and leaders during the course of history. The Lake has seen the likes of Alexander Nevesky, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Vladimir Lenin and Tsar Nicholas 11. Peter the Great built a fleet of training boats and galleys on the lake which was mostly destroyed by fire. One boat (Peter's Boat) still remains and is now displayed in the Pereyaslavl Museum.

Another popular attraction at Lake Pleshcheyevo is the Siny Kamen or Blue Stone. This is a huge 12 ton boulder, which has sat in its place for centuries, was used for pagan worship in days gone by. To this day, many people from Pereslavl and other nearby towns gather here on Russian Orthodox holidays.

The camping facilities at the park are fairly decent and you can choose between pitching a tent or hiring a summer cottage. There are tours of the park and the local museums and historical sites available. If you do not wish to spend time camping here, Lake Pleshcheyevo is usually included in the Golden Ring tour so you will still have an opportunity to see it.


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