Travel to the beautiful Lake Onega in Russia

Lake Onega is the second largest lake next to Lake Ladoga in Europe. It covers a surface of 9 894 square km, with a volume of 280 cubic km, and a maximum depth of 120 m. This lake is so enormous that it has a total of a 1369 islands, covers a total area of 250 square km and it is fed by 58 rivers.

Lake Onega has 209 ice free days in a year, which is from middle May to the second week of December. The water is at its lowest level in the beginning of March and by June it has risen 2 ft again. A sizeable population is speckled along the shores of the lake throughout the year, mainly engaged in the timber trade, fisheries and mining industries. Salmon, burbot, pike, perchpike and perch are among the fish caught in the lake. This lake also has a wide variety of other marine life and a rich diversity of plant life.

The lake's shores are low and sandy in the south and rocky and sunken in the north. Rock carvings of Lake Onega represent more static figures, rich in waterfowl images, abstract signs and beautiful compositions full of mysterious senses. These rocks are a wonderful habitat for all types of animals, including over 1 000 bird species.

Lake Onega is a very popular natural attraction amongst tourists and permanent inhabitants and it is not very difficult to understand why. It has an amazing wealth in fauna and flora and an amazing landscape. Most visitors find it very hard to leave Lake Onega when it is home time.

This Lake's gothic magnificence will have you mesmerized and inspired after just one visit.


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