Discover the Glorious Lake Uvs Nuur in Russia

Though the Uvs Nuur Lake is classified as the largest lake in Mongolia, it is partly situated in Russia's Tuva Republic. The Uvs Nuur Lake is generally very shallow and saline and is located at the center of the Uvs Nuur basin. It is thought that the Uvs Nuur Lake is all that remains of a huge saline sea that once covered much of the basin. The current Lake is about 3 350 square kilometers in size.

The Uvs Nuur Basin has, in more recent years, been declared a natural World Heritage Site. As the Basin is about 1 068 853 hectares, it is one of the largest sites to make its way onto the World Heritage List to this day. It is also a transboundary site which makes it quite special.

The Uvs Nuur Basin is one of the best-kept natural steppe landscapes in Europe and Asia. The Uvs Nuur Lake shares the Basin with, among others, the Ureg Nuur Lake which is 1 450 meters above sea level. Both Lakes are of vital importance to the migrating species of waterfowl as they make their way north every year. The Uvs Nuur Basin and Lakes also support a lot of wildlife. Some 173 species of bird and 41 species of mammals can be found here. Of special interest in the area is the snow leopard, argali (mountain sheep) and the Asiatic ibex, all of which are endangered.

The Basin is a prime example of the major biomes to be found in Eastern Eurasia. The diversity in plant and animal life in the Basin is a testament to this fact. Because of its position between warmer Central Asia and cooler Siberia, the temperatures in the Basin can be quite extreme. They may vary from -58 degrees Celsius in the winter, to 47 degrees Celsius in the summer. However these extremes do not seem to have a detrimental impact on the environment.

A visit to Uvs Nuur is unforgettable no matter where you come from. A chance to see this amazingly preserved World Heritage Site should not be taken for granted. It is a once in a life-time opportunity.


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