Russian Languages

Russian is the most widely spoken language of Europe and the most widespread of the Slavic languages. It belongs to the Indo-European language group and is therefore related to Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. It is interesting to note that the modern Germanic, Romance and Celtic languages - including English, French and Irish - are also included in this group. Written examples of the language date from the 10th century onwards.

While the Russian language preserves much of its ancient synthetic-inflexion structure and a Common Slavonic word base, modern Russian also makes strong use of the international vocabulary for politics, science, and technology. As a language of great political importance in the twentieth century, Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Although the international prestige of the language has waned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian continues to be the main language used in much of Eastern Europe and northern Asia.

We have compiled a list of Russian phrases so that visitors to our website may be better able to understand the Russian language and communicate with locals more easily during your travels to Russia. Why not take a moment to memorize a few of these phrases now?

English Russian Pronunciation
Yes Da Da
No Net Nyet
Please Pozhaluysta Pazhaaloosta
Thank You Spasibo Spaseeba
Hello Zdravstvuyte Zdravstweetye
Goodbye Do svindaniya Da svidaaneya
Excuse me Izvinite Izvineetye
Where Gde? Gdye?
Good Khorshiy Khoroshee
Bad Plokhoy Plokhoy
Near Blizkiy Bleezki
Far Daleko Dalyeko
Cheap Deshovyy Deshovee
Expensive Dorogoy Daragoy
Open Otkryt Otkryt
Closed Zakryt Zakryt
Today Segodnya Sevodnya
Yesterday Vchera Vchera
Tomorrow Zavtra Zavtra
How much is? Skolko stoit? Skollka stowit?
What time is it? Kotoryy chas? Katoree chass?
I don't understand Ya ne ponimayu Ya ne ponimayou
One Odin Adeen
Two Dva Dva
Three Tri Tree
Four Chetyre Cheteeri
Five Pyat Pyat
Six Shest Shest
Seven Sem Syeem
Eight Vosem Vosyem
Nine Devyat Daayvyat
Ten Desyat Daysyat


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