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Russia is an incredibly interesting country and when you visit, you will likely be fascinated not only with the country’s history, but also with its culture. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of Russian history, art and culture is to visit the many Russian museums which can be found across the country. Some of these museums are also housed in beautiful buildings of historical importance which means you can enjoy the architectural value of the building as well as its many beautiful contents.

Instead of one or two general museums with information and articles relating to a variety of topics, Russia has a large number of different museums with only one or two core focuses. A large number of these museums are dedicated to the various art forms, art movements and art works that Russia has seen through the ages, but there are a number of other museums which are not art related. The Russian Ethnographic Museum, for instance, is related to various aspects of the different cultures which exist in Russia. Lomakov’s Automobiles and Motorcycles Museum is dedicated to antique cars and motorcycles which have been painstakingly restored, while the Museum of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life provides interesting insight into the history of this age-old form of sculpture as well as the masses who lived in poverty simply because they weren’t born to a life of privilege. The Vladimir Vysotsky Museum is dedicated to the life and work of this famous Russian poet, while the State Historical Museum is a more generalized historical museum with varied displays.

There are really so many great museums in Russia that you might have difficulty choosing which ones you should visit whilst in Russia. On one hand, museums such as the State Darwin Museum or the Palaeontology Museum might be very interesting to you, but on the other hand you may prefer museums such as the State Polytechnical Museum or the Armoury Museum. We cannot recommend that you choose any museum in particular – only that you carefully read through the many museums which we have listed before making your choice. Hopefully the information which we have provided will prove to be most helpful to you in this regard.


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