Cruiser Aurora - A Marvelous Tale

In front of the Russian Naval School, which was named after Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, lies the Cruiser Aurora, moored in the Petrovskaya Embankment. The Cruiser Aurora was named in honor of frigate Aurora that during the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) defended Petropavlovk–Kamchatski city heroically. Cruiser Aurora was assembled in 1897 in the New Admiralty shipyard and stands today as a reminder of the Soviet era and as a monument to Russian shipbuilding.

The Cruiser Aurora was launched on 11 May 1900 and joined the Russian Navy in 1903. In the Tsushuima battle in the Japanese–Russian War, the Aurora came under fire for the first time. The Aurora Cruiser went on to participate in many military action battles in the Baltic Sea during World War I, and was put in the dock for repairs in 1916. The Cruiser Aurora was also part of the armed rising that brought about political changes in Russia, and therefore had a significant role in the history of Russia. The crew that was on the Aurora Cruiser were part of the Bolsheviks party, and at 21:40 a blank shot was fired from a gun on the Aurora Cruiser, that started the 24 – 26 October or the 6-7 November (new style) assault on the Winter Palace. This assault is historical as it led to the rise of power of the Bolsheviks party, and the arrest of the Provisional Government. This meant the start of a new and exciting era in Russia.

But World War II saw the Cruiser Aurora back in action, and defending Leningrad, berthing near Oranienbaum in the Gulf of Finland. During the battle, the Aurora Cruiser was badly damaged and towed into Leningrad for repairs in 1944. The Cruiser Aurora was turned into a training ship for the new naval school cadets during the Soviet era.

The Cruiser Aurora became a Ship Museum in 1952, and was brought in as a branch of the Central Naval Museum. The Saint Andrew Naval Banner was raised over the Aurora Cruiser in 1992, and now features many historical artifacts in regard to her history. Over 500 original documents, objects and photographs are displayed and thematic excursions are available for the underwater parts of the cruiser and machine boiler room. The Cruiser Aurora has stood the test of time, establishing herself in the Russian history books, and in the future education of all that visit her.


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