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The Museum of Geology and Mineralogy is located in Russia and is a natural science museum. It was founded in 1804 in accordance with the Kazan Emporor University, and is one of the oldest and the richest museums of natural science in Russia. The collections making up the exhibits are minerals, rocks and ores found at the Kola Peninsula. The Museum of Geology and Minerals' first collection was destroyed by fire during World War II and was moved to its present location, the Geological Institute in Apatity in 1961. The exhibit halls cover an area of 120 square meters and the museum’s storeroom facility is 40 square meters. It employs one curator and has different departments namely the archive department, a team of experts and a science library.

The Geology and Mineral Museum consists of six main sections. There are minerals and petrography, monographic collections, ores, paleontology, dynamic geology and facies, geology of the region, scientific archive of the Geology and Mineral Museum history and mineral products of Tatarstan. The museum boasts approximately 15 000 samples originating from 60 countries, with collections of rocks, plant fossils, animal fossils and meteorites. The minerals displayed are breathtaking, as brightly crimson eudialyte, silvery–lilac murmanite and crystals of blue kyanite are some of the examples in the exhibits. The monographic collections are a vital part of the research done by scientists and the collections are seen as documents to be used and to assist future geologists in their research. The preservation of history in all its shapes and forms is an educational tool for the future.

The Geology and Mineral Museum is a member of the International Council of Museums, the Academic Council of the Tatarstan National Museum and the Commission by Mineralogy Museums of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It realizes joint geological projects, publications and collection exchanges by collaborating closely with foreign and regional natural science and geology institutions. The Geology Museum is a non-profit organization that averages more than a 1000 visitors a year.


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