Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War

On May 9, 1995, the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War was opened at the base of the Memorial Victory Complex on Poklonnaya Hill. The entrance is lined with fountains which lead up to the main part of the complex. The Museum takes up approximately 48,000 square meters and is a good place to observe an all-encompassing view of Moscow.

The Museum is made up of many rooms, these being the Entry Hall, Picture Gallery, the Halls of Glory and Memory with six dioramas focusing on the most dramatic battles of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), an exhibition hall, a hall for veterans and two movie theaters.

The military display gives one an idea of the events that occurred during the war through objects like official documents, official and personal letters, newspaper articles, paintings and photographs. The Hall of Memory contains books with names of all Russians who, with great courage, devoted themselves to defending Russia. A new automated search system is being put in place to help visitors to find information on the soldiers more easily.

The main part of the central museum is the War-History exhibition describing the whole process of the war. The statements are broken up into three different parts according to the three periods of the War. It starts off with the perfidious fascist aggression in 1941, to the winning victory in 1945. Open air exhibitions are on show, displaying different pieces of war equipment and engineering fortifications. For instance, you will get an incredible opportunity to see the famous “Katusha”, different tanks, cannons and mortars. The exhibition has over 110,000 items of authentic weapons, military vehicles, uniforms, medals, documentary films, posters and other documents during the war-time period.

Indeed, you will find a visit to the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War very enlightening.


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