Museum of the History of Moscow - Walking Through the Past

In 1896 the Museum of the History of Moscow opened its doors for the first time in the Russian capital. Known for being one of the oldest museums, this impressive museum has an intriguing collection depicting life in Moscow city, from the earliest beginnings of the city all the way to the present day. The Moscow Museum boasts a striking collection of archeological discoveries and numerous paintings. It also provides visitors with a closer look at the artifacts commonly owned by residences of Moscow through the ages. Here you will see examples of crockery, clothing, furniture, oil lamps, books and stamps of that period.

Other collections available for viewing include various maps and drafts that give you an idea of how the city of Moscow changes year to year. There are also photos of important occasions that have taken place since the 19th century, drawings, a variety of documents - for instance a notary's certificate to a menu from a ceremonial dinner in honor of Nicholas II and Alexandra Theodorovna's coronation - and sculptural models of the district and city buildings. Of particular interest are the works of the historical painter Apollinarius Vasnetsov whose "series of drawings of medieval Moscow" are on view. Included in the collection are many accurate reconstructions of medieval peasant workshops and dwellings, something many visitors find very intriguing!

During the 20th century the Museum went through various name and location changes. In 1921 it was named the Moscow Municipal Museum and was situated in the newly restored Sukhareva Tower, which dates back to the 17th century. In 1987 the Museum of History of Moscow received its present name and moved to the beautiful and impressive building of the former Church of St. John the Theologian under the Elm. The Moscow Museum's collection is so big that its exhibitions extend to the in The Old English Yard at Ulitsa Varvarka 4a (Metro Kropotkinskaya). In former times parts of the collection was also housed in a 15th century English merchant's house and later in the English Embassy. The collection also extends to the Moscow Archeological Museum at Manezhnaya Ploshad 1 (Metro Okhotny Ryad) and the Museum of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior at Ulitsa Vokhonka 15 (Metro Kropotkinskaya).


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