Lomakovs Old-timers Automobiles and Motorcycles Museum

If you’re looking for a museum with a difference, the Lomakov’s Old-timers Automobiles and Motorcycles Museum in Russia might be just up your alley. This interesting museum is dedicated to antique vehicles of various shapes, sizes and colors. The museum features an impressive collection of over 120 different antique cars and motorcycles – many of which have enjoyed notable owners and uses over the years. It is located at Krasnodarskaya, Street Vladenye 58 in Moscow, Russia.

The museum’s legacy all started in 1964 when the Lomakov family began collecting and restoring antique motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Despite their efforts and intentions, it was not until 1999 that they were able to open up this interesting museum. Unfortunately they encountered a number of bureaucratic problems which prevented the museum from being opened until this late date. However, the family’s dream was eventually realized and the museum already has a small following of car and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country and world who have enjoyed their visit to the museum.

Many find it interesting to note that the museum is kept open on funds generated through the rental of these vintage motor vehicles to various Russian film studios. Hence, the vast majority of the vehicles on display are in perfect working condition and many of them have even been featured in films. A number of the vehicles have also been owned by interesting historical persons, such as the ZIS-110 limousine which once belonged to Stalin. Other interesting finds here include a Katisha military rocket of which only two remain, and a 1942 Harley-Davidson military motorbike. There are many more notable cars, motorbikes and trucks in the museum, but there is simply not enough space to mention them all.

The Lomakov’s Old-timers Automobiles and Motorcycles Museum is the first of its kind in Russia and can be easily accessed from the Lyublino Metro Station. It is the first privately owned museum in Russia since 1917 and the owners are very proud of their establishment which is meticulously preserved. So visit this unique and interesting museum and discover a world of mobile heritage.


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