Ostrovsky Museum - Journey Through the Life of a Literary Genius

The Ostrovsky Estate and Museum in Moscow is a part of the Bakhrushin Theater Museums. The Ostrovsky Estate and Museum is dedicated to Alexander Ostrovsky, who is generally known as the representative of the Russian Realist literary era. Alexander Ostrovsky was born in 1823 and became a famous Muscovite playwright. Ostrovsky studied at the Legal Faculty of Moscow State University and then went onto being a court clerk and a civil servant.

Alexander Ostrovsky only began his writing career in 1850, and due to the controversy surrounding his second dramatic work named “The Bankrupt”, he was dismissed as a civil servant. The play focused on the exposure of false bankruptcy claims, and had a profound effect on the Moscow merchant class who were not impressed with the implications his piece brought to light. This did not deter Ostrovsky, and most of his following dramatic work focused on the Russian merchant class. All his works premiered under his supervision at the Moscow Maly Theater, where he had close ties and the Maly Theater honored the playwright with a seated statue outside the theater. In total, Alexander Ostrovsky wrote 47 plays, established the Society of Russian playwrights, and became the artistic director of the Moscow Imperial Theaters. Most of Ostrovsky’s plays are still frequently performed in Moscow today, and are the most widely read works.

The Ostrovsky Estate and Museum is situated in the house where Ostrovsky was born, and was opened on 4 March 1984. The theme that runs throughout the museum is “Moscow in A.N. Ostrovsky’s life and work”. This collection includes the personal items of Alexander Ostrovsky, personal items that belonged to his family and friends, scenic adaptations of some of his plays, consisting of sketches, costumes, photographs, manuscripts and posters, and articles of material that represent the culture and history of Russia. The exhibitions are divided in to the following exhibits: A.N. Ostrovsky’s Memorial House, Moscow in A.N. Ostrovsky’s a life and work, the Thunderstorm on the stages of National Theaters, the Theme of Theater in A.N Ostrovsky’s work, and A.N. Ostrovsky as the public and theatrical figure. The Ostrovsky Estate and Museum is a complete collection of the life of Alexander Ostrovsky and his important role in the Russian theaters and cultural legacy he left behind.


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