Paleontology Museum - An Important Natural Science Institute

The Paleontology Museum was named after Yuri Orlov, and is one of the largest natural science museums in the world. It is also the home of the largest paleontological institutes in the world. The break up of the Soviet Union has had a positive and a negative effect on the Paleontology Museum. Colleagues now have the freedom to visit similar institutes all over the world but their budget has been slashed to such an extent that it is almost impossible to use their new found freedom. Several mutual visits, student exchanges and co-operative projects have resulted from the long term agreement that has been set up between the Paleontology Museum and the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

The Paleontology Museum has an extensive collection of mammals, dinosaurs and other animals. The museum originated from the Kunstkamer that was founded by Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg, which was a collection of rarities including bones and teeth from ancient creatures that were found around the world. This amazing collection is now on display in the Geological Museum.

One of the permanent exhibits that are displayed in the Paleontology Museum is an explanatory exhibit that gives the visitor an introduction into the world of paleontology. The Precambrian and Paleozoic exhibits provide information and displays relating to the first forms of life, for example the invertebrates and their evolution. Also displayed is the Age of Reptiles and their beginning. The most popular exhibit is located within the fifth hall. Here you will find skeletons and interesting treasures relating to the Dinosaur Age. The remains of ancient birds, prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs are found here. The geological history of Moscow and surrounding areas are displayed in the special exhibit hall.

The Paleontology Museum is popular with adults and children who are locals and to visitors to Moscow. With giant skeletons, fossils, organisms and ancient fish, along with the museum's unusual and uniquely beautiful architecture, the entire family is bound to enjoy this Moscow attraction.


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