Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life

The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life is situated in Suzdal. Suzdal and other towns and cities such as Uglich, Kostroma and Posad, to name a few, are known as the Golden Ring of Russia. All the towns and cities that fall within the Golden Ring are rich in architectural cultural and historical monuments and transport the visitor into past centuries. Towns like Suzdal are very popular tourist attractions, as products of ancient Russian folk craft are still available for purchase and viewing.

Historically, the core of Suzdal is the Kremlin, as that is how the town was created. The Kremlin was originally surrounded by dams, created from ground, on which there were towers built with wooden walls. Around the dams were there were trenches filled with water, and this was all done to protect the town. The wooden walls do not exist anymore, as there are only a few dams and dry trenches left. They now provide a good position to view the town by, and not the intimidating role they played 800 years ago.

The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life is situated not far from the Kremlin, across the Kamenka River. This outdoor museum showcases a collection of buildings from the 19th and earlier centuries, including peasant’s houses, wooden churches, a barn, mills and a well that was brought over in the 1960’s from Vladimir region. The poly-tier Preobrazhenskaya church, which is richly decorated and is a typical village church, was built in 1756. The houses mostly originate from the 19th century and through the months of May to October, interior viewing of these houses are available. The mills and barns are dated back to the 18/19th centuries, and in June of every year, there are traditional crafts available at the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life, and also exhibits of peasant pottery tools, weaving tools and other handcrafted items.

Traditional Russian houses are marked with detailed intricate woodwork, which is an individual expression of the family living in the house, and gives details regarding the house’s inhabitants. In the interest of preserving history, it is illegal to remove these facades from any of the houses in Suzdal. The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life, also entertains the crowd with Russian folk music and a beautiful church chamber music acapella, performed in the Transfiguration Cathedral.


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