State Polytechnical Museum - Documenting Scientific Advances

The Polytechnical Museum in Moscow, one of the oldest technical museums around the world, opened its doors the public on the 12th of December 1872. The large building that the museum was originally housed in still maintains its esteemed position and role in the center of the city today. Its construction was planned by a number of Russian scientists and professors associated with the Moscow University not long after the abolition of serfdom in the country. Their efforts were supported by and contributed to by members of the government in Moscow as well as certain persons associated with the Moscow Duma merchants, industrialists and ordinary citizens. The city provided the site at the center of Moscow and provided financial assistance for the design and construction of the museum building. Much of this money came from the state budget and the balance was donated by various tradesmen who were eager to see the completion of the Polytechnical Museum.

The Museum was later patronized by the royal family while those Russians who became famous between the 19th century and the 20th century encouraged an enterprising spirit and promoted the museum. The Polytechnical Museum foundation was opened on 30 May 1872 and charged with the mammoth task of organizing and setting up a large Polytechnical exhibition. This exhibition was to focus completely on the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great. Some of these exhibits went on to form the basis of the Polytechnical Museum's collection after the exhibition closed in 1872.

Throughout the Museum's history and existence its halls and galleries have seen and heard many prominent scientists and famous personalities. It is these individuals whose work represents the essence of the Russian culture. Many technical ideas were discussed and demonstrated for the benefit of all within the hallowed walls of the Polytechnical Museum. Examples of items researched and displayed here include the telephone, aeronautics, radio communications, Television, electric lighting and space travel. One of the largest technical museums in the world, Moscow's State Polytechnical Museum houses up to 160 000 objects and continues to increase in size continually. Many of the objects on display are unique memorabilia that has made a sizable contribution to science and technology. It enables visitors to see the inner workings of things such as a television set, a mine and a blast furnace plant. The museum is incredibly interesting and most visitors who decide to traverse its halls enjoy themselves thoroughly.


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