Vladimir Vysotsky Museum - Walk in the Steps of a Literary Giant

The establishment of the Vysotsky Museum foundation was a reaction to the unfortunate death of Vladimir Vysotsky in 1980. Vladimir Vysotsky was an incredible poet and an outstanding bard who inspired and touched the hearts of the thousands and so, shortly after his death, an overflow of letters were sent to the Taganka Theater where Vysotsky had worked as an actor. This overwhelming response to his demise inspired a group of talented co-workers to establish a museum in his honor.

In 1987 a bank account was opened to better handle the financial affairs of the Museum's foundation. Private and public donations resulting from a concert dedicated to the memory of Vysotsky were transferred into the account. In June 1992, both the State Cultural Center and the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky were opened. Just four years in 1996, later Vladimir's son Nikita Vysotsky became the head of this project.

Over the decades Vladimir Vysotsky Museum has grown to a large scientific, research and cultural centre. It contains a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and creativity of Vysotsky as well as a gallery for temporary thematic exhibitions demonstrating the time period the poet lived in.

The permanent exhibition is displayed on two floors. Here you will find unique documents, pages of scripts, playbills, pictures as well as Vysotsky’s manuscripts. These manuscripts show just how much pride Vysotsky took in his work, with each line thoroughly polished and perfected. It really is an informative visit for anyone who is a fan of his work and who is interested in his personal life. Here you will also be able to gain information on his family, the houses where he lived, his friends, his wives and beloved and, of course, his concerts, his creative plans and his trips abroad.

Visitors to the Museum will be pleased to find that the Museum's displays are arranged in such a way that you will not need the services of a guide. One photo of particular interest features the bard pointing to the entrance of the building where the museum is now situated. Some say it is as if he was choosing the home where he would continue to 'live on' through his memorabilia. The warm and welcoming atmosphere certainly makes visitors feel like a guest in Vysotsky's house. So make the Vysotsky Museum a definite part of your next trip to Russia to experience this delightful establishment for yourself.


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