The Magical Music of Russia

As with all nations, music plays a vital role in the culture of Russia. Russian Music incorporates numerous genres including folk music, opera, classical and contemporary, such as rock, pop and so forth. Heading up Russia's ethnic music is the classical style used in opera and ballet. Russia's classical music composers are known and appreciated the world over. It has been said that Russian music composers are conveying a story to their listeners, telling of the joys, pain, pleasure and suffering of people. These grand tales draw many to Russian music.

Russia's borders encompass a diversity of ethnic groups each possessing their own culture and along with that its own form of folk music. Therefore, Russian music varies greatly across the massive country. Whilst the country was under Soviet rule, all music was to remain within certain limits and was carefully scrutinized. However when the USSR dissolved westernized music in the form of pop and rock became popular in Russia.

As previously mentioned, Russian classical music along with opera is probably the best known in the world. Among Russia's greatest classical composers were individuals such as Sergei Prokofiev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Mikhail Glinka, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Igor Stravinsky. Orchestras began incorporating certain elements of Russian folk music. Then with the arrival of the 20th century, opera singers took center stage. The Soviet era saw restrictions, but still many new singers, bands and composers arose. Today, Russia produces a variety of modern music genres including rock, metal, electronic, alternative and ska punk.

Russian music, particularly folk music, features a number of traditional instruments. Very popular is the Balalaika, a three-stringed instrument played with the fingers and varying in size. The Domra is a three-stringed or four-stringed lute that is either plucked or strummed. The Gudok has three strings and is played with a bow. Interestingly, the Gusli, a plucked string instrument, is amongst the oldest Russian instruments of music. Kugikli, also called Kuvikly, are basic panpipes. The Svirel is a Russian flute. Russia's button accordion is known as a Bayan. The Volynka is a traditional bagpipe. A Buben is similar to a tambourine. Other percussion instruments are the Bubentsy, Korobochka, Treshchotiki and Vertushka.

In this section you can learn more about the various genre's of Russian music from classical to contemporary. When visiting Russia you are certain to take delight in their musical offering.


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pankaj - 2009-09-23 19:26:18

i like russiun music so much

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