Diverse Genres of Modern Music in Russia

Since Soviet rule came to its end in Russia, the country has gone on to embrace a wide selection of modern music genres. From rock to metal all the way to electronic and ska punk, Russia's modern music is as varied as its people. New bands and music artists continue to come out of Russia and are enjoyed the world over.

Let us consider rock in Russia before we list examples of bands in the various genres. Rock and Roll first came to Russia during the 1960s. Rock bands began emerging in the Soviet Union. Virmalised was one of these. Created to resemble the Beatles they became quite popular although they received no recognition from authorities. Officials at the time viewed rock music as coming from the evil West. Following Virmalised, a number of other Russian rock bands emerged. Mumiy Troll brought a more Western sound to rock during the 1990s. Their albums were produced in the UK. The youth of Russia became interested in energetic music with less lyrics, called rockapops. Bands such as Zemfira, Zveri and Multfilmi gained a following. Nashe Radio in Russia is popular among the youth and promotes Russian rock bands.

Alternative rock has not received as much attention as rock in Russia, but is available. Certain ska punk,punk rock and heavy metal bands have met with high regard, though not in as large numbers as standard Russian rock music.

Russian rock music often makes use of unconventional instruments along with the typical drums and electric guitars. Sounds within the rock genre can vary greatly from heavy, dark songs to lighter classic Russian rock. When compared with Western rock, lyrics tend to have a greater role in the rock of Russia. Impassioned delivery of lyrics has even occasionally replaced vocal melody. Well-known Russian rock artists include Zemfira, Billy's Band, Psoy Korolenko, Linda, Ska Jazz Review and Markscheider Kunst.

A world renowned Russian pop/rock group is t.A.T.u. Ariya plays heavy metal. Power metal is the chosen genre of Russian bands Citadel, Arida Vortex, Shadow Host, Arda and Catharsis. Butterfly Temple and Pagan Reign specialize in pagan metal. Death metal fans can listen to Hatecraft and Mortem. If you prefer classical crossover try Ariaphonics. Russian Alternative bands include Psichea, 7 rasa, Dolphin, Biopsyhoz and FAQ. If you like Ska Punk you have a listen to Leningrad and Distembper. Electronic enthusiasts are sure to enjoy Fizzarum, Solar X, SCSI-9, ADD, Zvuki Mu, Tonearm, Gromov and KLUtCH.


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