The Splendor of Russia's Nature Reserves

Russia is a country of contrasts – a place of both man-made and natural beauty. Some think may picture the city’s capital Moscow when they picture this stunning country in their mind’s eye. Others may think of big black bears roaming freely amongst imperialist buildings. Still others might picture the harshness of the Russian tundra that was so popularly featured in tales of exile to Siberia. Yet, none of these images fully justify the immense variety that can be found in Russia. When you consider that only a small portion of Russia can be found in Europe, you begin to understand Russia is about more than just visually stunning Russian cities. It also encompasses roughly half of the Asian continent – a land area that features amazing Russian nature reserves as well as interesting little towns and fascinating archaeological dig sites.

In an area as large as Eurasia, the possibilities for natural variety are virtually endless and nature lovers will find an endless variety of opportunities to enjoy this natural abundance. What’s more, because part of Eurasia nears the equator, not all of Russia is cold and uninviting. Much of Russia actually enjoys a brilliant warm climate, which is more appealing to those traveling from warmer parts of the globe. Nature lovers will also discover that much of Russia’s Asian landmass is untainted by human hands and so yields an abundance of natural delights. Large portions of land that have now been declared nature reserves have seldom seen human feet during their history. Even the amazing abundance of natural resources, such as gold, diamonds and timber, that can be found here have seen little disturbance over the years. Thus a large portion of Russia truly is an undisturbed wonderland and those who appreciate this should make full use of the country’s natural assets whilst visiting Russia.

So why wait another second? Start making plans to visit some of Russia’s nature reserves and national parks the next time you visit this remarkable country. Your travel agent might be able to suggest a few of the great nature reserves that can be found in this country, but just in case, we have provided a brief description of each one for your benefit. We are confident that this will aid you in making excellent travel arrangements.


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