Muraviovka Park - Promoting Sustainable Development and Conservation

Muraviovka Park, situated in Russia's Far East, is Russia's first privately owned and operated park. Dedicated to sustainable land use, Muraviovka exerts itself in the protection of natural areas for both wildlife and people, promoting community support and environmental education. Muraviovka Park certainly does much for local communities and the area's great natural life.

Muraviovka Park takes in some 15 000 acres of wetland and upland. A remarkable idea by Dr. Sergei Smirenski, Muraviovka was established in 1993. Dr. Smirenski is known the world over as a top ornithologist. When formulating the plans for Muraviovka Park, it was his objective to create a haven for wildlife, including birds, to reside and breed. Dr. Smirenski had the goal in mind of sharing with locals farming practices that would work along with the area's ecology. Within the bounds of Muraviovka Park there are over 200 bird species. Amongst these are the rare Red-crowned cranes, Oriental white storks and White-naped cranes. It is vital that this zone of wetlands be protected as these breeding species are found in high density here. In fact, since it was established the park has seen extensive growth of these rare bird populations. A number of projects regarding sustainable development, conservation and education are tested at Muraviovka Park.

The Amur Basin, of which Muraviovka Park is a part, is the junction of the Oriental and Pelearctic regions. This Basin is noted as possessing 70% of Far Eastern Russia's agricultural land, a true “bread basket”. Muraviovka Park has created a demonstration farm so as to give locals insight into sustainable agricultural practices. The farm takes in 2 467 acres of pasturage and 1 167 acres of crops. Muraviovka Park also does much to educate people. Since 1994 they have been hosting environmental summer camps for school children and students.

Friends of Muraviovka Park is a group created by teachers who have been involved in International Crane Foundation summer Camps. Set-up in 1998, Friends of Muraviovka Park does much to provide financial assistance, sponsors and supports volunteer projects as well as environmental activities and promoting the international exchange of information. Muraviovka Park is a marvelous natural area that has certainly proved itself a vital entity in the area.


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