Nalychevo Nature Park - Outdoor Adventurer's Dream

The Nalychevo Nature Park, or Kamchatka Nalychevo Nature Park, is located near the village of Pinachevo and the central camp is within walking distance of the Avachinsky base camp. The Nalychevo Nature Park is filled with a varied range of animal and bird life, and the vegetation is just as spectacular. Active volcanoes, steaming fumaroles and hot springs are also found within the park. It is these features that attract visitors with an active enthusiasm for the outdoors and those who seek a little adventure by climbing an active volcano.

The Nalychevo River is host to quite a few thermal springs and the water found within the springs is an extremely rare type. The Nalychevo Park has a central camp that has accommodation available to visitors and includes a ranger station that has a radio communication system, should there be any kind of emergency. There are houses that sleep either two or four guests, or cabins that can accommodate ten to twenty people. Facilities, such as a dining room, kitchen and fire shelters, are available at the central camp and the hot springs do have changing facilities. The hot springs can be visited by helicopter and the ride takes approximately twenty-five minutes.

Radial hiking tours to the Talovskie hot springs, Aagkiye Narzany mineral springs, Vershinskie mineral springs, Vershinskoye Lake and the active Dzansur Volcano, all start from the central part of the Nalychevo Park, which makes it convenient for visitors to do a different hike each day. The most accessible routes are the ten kilometer Dzenzur Volcano and Talovskiye Host Springs hike. To hike to the Dzenzur fumaroles, the starting point will be from the Talovskiye Ranger station and the hiking trail to Dzenzur is a thirty kilometer hike, to Dzenzur and back.

The most visited and popular site in the Nalychevo Nature Park is the Avachinsky Pass that leads to the Avachinsky Volcano. Visitors can view the hissing and steaming fumaroles that are located in the Volcano’s crater, and can also see the lava streams that were left by the 1991 volcanic eruption.

No matter how difficult or easy the hikes might be, all hikers are advised to register with the Kamchatka Reginal Department for Emergency and Civil Defense, before partaking in a hike. Local tour guides are always recommended as they ensure the safety of the visitors and are able to pass on valuable information in regard to the sites.

The Nalychevo Nature Park has recently starting promoting winter activities within the park, that includes challenging skis and the first international dog sled race was held in the park in 2004.


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