Orenburgsky Reserve - The Abundant Beauty of Nature

Established in 1989, the magnificent Orenburgsky Nature Reserve covers roughly 216 square kilometers of land. It enjoys a protective buffer zone of 100 square kilometers and it covers a broad geographical area which includes a variety of geographical elements. The reserve is located at the point where the black earth and the brown soil regions meet and this makes for added variety. Here you will find steppes, mountains and flat semi-desert areas. The area is incredibly beautiful and sees plenty of wildflowers blooming in the springtime. It has only been protected for about a decade, so this natural area is still recovering from human incursion.

It is interesting to note that plans for the Orenburgsky Reserve where put in place in the 1800s – long before the founding of the country’s first nature reserve in 1916. However, government officials continued to delay these plans for economic reasons and they only relented when a group of conservationists actively campaigned for the establishment of the reserve and the preservation of the wild steppe that was fast disappearing to spreading agricultural developments. Their efforts were ongoing and fourteen years after the campaign started, officials eventually placed four regions of the wilderness area under official federal protection. At the time, the reserve was somewhat depleted – having being used for agricultural grazing since the 1920s. The reserve has since come a long way as time and nature have slowly started to restore the Orenburgsky Reserve to its former glory.

Today you will find excellent abundance and variety in the reserve. The Talovskaya Steppe and Burtinskaya Steppe offer flat gentle hills while the Aituarskaya Steppe is more mountainous. The landscape features forest, steppe and wetland ecosystem and the abundance of animals which compliment these natural areas. While some parts of the reserve are over flowing with water, other parts are classified as semi-desert. There are roughly 48 species of mammal, 193 species of bird, 7 species of reptile, 5 species of amphibian and 6 species of fish which can be found in the reserve. There are also roughly 1000 insects in the Orenburgsky Reserve. Visitors can expect to see hare, deer, wild boar, badgers, weasels, mink and other creatures as they busy themselves with their daily activities. Predators such as lynx, wolves and foxes also sometimes wonder into the reserve. So why not come along and see what animals you can spot? Visit the Orenburgsky Reserve and support this excellent conservation effort.


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