Visit the Impressive Prielbrusye National Park

The Prielbrusye National Park was founded in 1986, and it was the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, endless mountain valleys, amazing mineral springs and breathtaking waterfalls, that inspired the preservation of this spectacular landscape. Prielbrusye National Park is located between Mount Elbrus and the Great Caucasus Mountain Range, along side the Baksan River basin. There are a few glacial lakes, of which most are difficult to reach due to their location and the glaciers that are found in the area, provide the lakes and rivers with water.

Mount Elbrus is made up of two heads that are separated by approximately 1.5 kilometers, and are the highest peaks in Europe. Geologist estimate that the two volcano cones rose about ten million years ago, with their volcanic activity coming to an end almost two thousand years ago. The volcanic activity that was present in the area centuries ago is evident with the sulphuric odor that rises off the many mineral springs that are located around the Prielbrusye Park.

The Prielbrusye Park in Russia has many wild animals that call the park grounds their home. Wild mountain goats can often be seen grazing the alpine meadows, with Tur grazing the same fields in the evenings. Wolves are also located in the park. Foxes are always on the hunt for Wood Mice or Voles, while the Lynxes are scouring the area for snowcocks, or any other birds, hares, young Tur, chamois and roe deer. The Prielbrusye National Park also has Brown Bears that wonder throughout the forests, but seem to prefer the Baskan River Valley and can often be seen in the early morning as they venture toward the mineral springs for a morning drink. Wild Boars are a common sight and the underestimated weasel makes a fierce predator in his own right.

The park has an estimated six bird species that are found in the Russian Red Book. The Russian Red Book lists the animals that are extremely rare and mostly endangered. Red Book birds that are found with in the Prielbrusye Park in Russia include the Saker Falcon, Golden Eagle and Imperial Eagle. Other birds are also found in the park, such as the Eurasian Dipper, Goldfinch, Tawny Owl and Parrot Crossbill. Migratory birds like the Mute Swans and Teals are seen passing through the park in spring and fall. Another Red Book animal found within the park is the Caucasian Viper.

The German Troops tried to cross the Caucasus Mountains in the Second World War, but the casualties of the war was taking its toll on the troops on both sides, causing the Germans troops to be unable to cross the Caspien Oilfields. Mount Elbrus covered the bones of the soldiers, many were not buried in its soft, white snow blanket and in 1971 a war museum was erected as a lasting monument to these soldiers, at “Mir” Station. Approximately 9000 guests visit the museum annually, which is accessible by way of cable car, and provides visitors with a panoramic view of Mount Elburus.

The park can be toured by car or visitors can use the cable cars. Many different hikes are available. Skiing is popular and can be enjoyed during the months of December to March. Prielbrusye National Park is located near the village of Terskol, where hotels and restaurants are available. More adventurous guests can make use of the camping facilities.


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