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?Nationalist?: A president takes a mantle, then shows he means it

At a rally in Houston on Monday night President Trump used a word he said he wasn?t supposed to utter. It was an old-fashioned sort of label, he said, one he would now gladly apply to himself. The designation? ?Nationalist,? Mr. Trump said.

For Iran's women's movement, progress is slow. But it's progress.

For Iran?s ever-striving women?s movement, it was a small but significant step forward: 150 female soccer fans were allowed into Tehran?s Freedom Stadium last Tuesday to watch the men?s national team beat Bolivia, 2-1. ?There are many, many sad stories around the country, but in general women are more in power, more in charge of their lives,? says Nazila Noebashari, an art gallery owner in central Tehran.

Flashbacks from 2016 put Democrats on notice ? and on edge

Mo Elleithee remembers election night 2016 as if it were yesterday. ?We are all sitting there in the green room, in between hits, hovering around laptops and iPads, looking at returns,? says Mr. Elleithee, the former communications director at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Elleithee?s wife was also in New York ? for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton?s victory party.

Keeping Italy in Europe?s nest

Financial markets took a dive on Tuesday, in part because of investor worries that the world?s largest economy, the European Union, may sink if it fails to deal with red ink. For the first time in its history, EU leaders had to demand that a member state, Italy, cut its spending or face severe fines. Rome replied no.

Combine Flights?