St. Peterburg's Nightlife - From Dusk to Dawn

Whether you’re looking for a popular nightclub or a quiet walk along the waterfront, St Petersburg has what you’re looking for. Watch a play, see an opera or make new friends at the local pub. You might also consider engaging some gambling or watching a live music performance. The choices are endless and you simply need to think about what you’d most likely to do. Below are a few brief suggestions of Nightlife in St Petersburg that you might enjoy. Remember that bars and clubs in Russia often open quite late, so be prepared to eat a leisurely supper before venturing out for your night on the town.

Most people visiting St Petersburg will have spent their day viewing the spectacular buildings and monuments that abound in the city and will be hungering for livelier things to do in Russia. Lucky for them, there are a variety of nightclubs and bars available where they can unwind and party the night away. Cha Cha Coconuts offers live music, while A Taste for Wine is a great place to get a drink or two. If you’re Irish, you might want to stop at the Annie Moore Irish Pub for great atmosphere and plenty of drinking and laughter. The Chic-a-Boom Room is a trendy place to meet and network while the Extra Inning Ball Park Café is a favorite with sports enthusiasts.

The Gasoline Alley Café offers live music and great food. The Blues-Style Billiard Café is a great place to play billiards, while the Eldorado Casino will keep you well entertained. Premiere is another casino you might consider trying, while Stray Dog is an art club with a difference. There are literally dozens of nightclubs spread about in the city. Remember though that many nightclubs are short lived and a club you visited last time might not be around anymore when you next visit. So make sure that you know what is available before making them a definite part of your evening plans and make the most of the St. Petersburg nightlife.


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