Cherkessk - A Bustling Tourist Destination

Situated on the banks of the Kuban River in the Caucasus, the city of Cherkessk has seen many battles and dealt with a string of name changes since being founded as Batalpashinskaya in 1804. It remained an important military post for the Russian forces until 1880, when it became an administrative center. In 1931, the city was renamed to Batalpashinsk and three years later, it became Sulimov. After so many name changes, the city was renamed to Yezhovo-Cherkessk in the year 1937, and kept the last part of its name, to become the Cherkessk we know today.

Cherkessk does have a very active tourism industry, due to the number of attractions that it has to offer. But this leisure destination in Russia also has a stable economy that is supported by industries such as footwear, electronics, food processing, chemicals, refrigeration, cement, rubber and machine building. It has built up a great educational infrastructure that consists of Scientific and Research Institutes that focus on the study of language, literature, culture and history. Another vital education center is the Polytechnic Institute.

When it comes to attractions and fascinating historical sites, Cherkessk has a vast variety to choose from and, therefore, the city is a popular destination in Russia for tourists and visitors. The Karachaevo-Cherkessian Historical, Cultural and Nature Museum was founded in the city in the year 1918. Visitors will find the building and its architecture just as interesting as the exhibits. The ruins of the old Russian fortifications that survived from the Caucasian War Period, that took place in 1832, can be seen near the Krasnogorsky settlement. Some of the noteworthy attractions in Cherkessk include City Hall, the remarkable 4th Centenary Monument, the two brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius – the Apostles to the Slavs, the White House, the Great Patriotic War – World War II Memorial, the T-62 Soviet Tank and the NART Stadium. For a relaxing day in the sun, visitors should head down to Green Island and its picturesque beach.

The city of Cherkessk has a very colorful history and has many memorials to the great and some tragic events that took place here. But it has survived and built itself up to be an independent and vital economic community. Together with the tourism industry and the industrial sectors, Cherkessk is yet another success story that embraces change and the future, but never forgetting its roots and the struggles that were overcome, to be where it is today.


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