Discover the Ancient Treasures of Derbent

Archeologists have estimated that Derbent was first inhabited some five thousand years ago, as artifacts and other recent discoveries have confirmed these findings. It is a destination in Russia that has inspired poets, fascinated historians, captivated the minds of artists and become an attraction that lures visitors from all over the world. The city of Derbent is home to the most exquisitely preserved fortress, citadel and ancient city that has been recognized by UNESCO, as a World Heritage Site.

It is evident, when looking at the old city and the new city of Derbent, that the ancient predecessors definitely had the first choice advantage. The ancient city was constructed on a narrow stretch of land, wedged safely between the Caucasus Mountain range and the breathtaking Caspian Sea. This did not only give them the advantage for defending the city, but gave them the control over trade and traffic. The new city had to settle for a spot near the Rubas River, sloping slightly up onto a part of the Caucasus Range, known as the Tabasaran Mountains.

Derbent has not grown into a large city, with a population estimated at a hundred thousand residents, but has a well developed railway network that connects the city to destinations in Russia such as Baku. Being located on the Caspian Sea has also provided it with a lovely harbor to complete their extensive transportation system. The economy is supported by industries such as fishing, wood, food, textiles and Russian Brandy production. It has a remarkable education system and accommodates cultural events and entertainment in the Lezgin Drama Theatre. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the wonderful forms of art that are created by the locals, which include carpet masterpieces, stunning pieces of pottery and intricately handmade jewelry.

But it is the ancient attractions that fascinate and overwhelm visitors. The great, intimidating walls of the fortress, believed to have been constructed during the reign of Khosrau I of Persia, still stand proud today. Through many wars, invasions and battles, the walls of the Fortress have remained intact and are a wonderful monument to the architectural genius of the times. The Naryn-Kala Citadel serves as the main structure of the fortress, with thick stonewalls and towers for a better out look position. The Cross-Vaulting Christian Church underneath the Citadel is an unbelievable sight. Visitors are also recommended to explore the Khan and Messenger Springs, including other sites such as the ancient town baths, the Dzhuma Mosque, the cemeteries lined with beautiful stone monuments to the brave defenders and warriors of the fortress and the old entrance to the Mountain Wall.

The well-designed construction and the structures left behind from civilizations and dynasties from the past, still interest and fascinate visitors and archeologists today. These building feats are staggering and the connection to history is strong here. Walking the streets of the Ancient City and the new city of Derbent, often gives visitors the feeling that they are not alone whilst exploring the secrets of ancient times and forgotten memories.


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