Escape to the Spa Town of Kislovodsk

Many tourists, aristocrats, musicians, artists and scientists have been lured to the unmistakable beauty, serenity and tranquility that Kislovodsk provides. The town is relatively small, with only approximately 160 thousand residents, and its entire infrastructure has, and still does, revolve around being a spa resort town. It has, like many other towns, had a turbulent history of being caught in the crossfire of wars and invasions, but has always managed to rebuild and return as one of the most popular therapeutic destinations in Russia.

Located on the slopes of the majestic Caucasus Mountains, near the Podkumok River and with a nature reserve tucked between the town and the mountain range, Kislovodsk is known for its natural beauty, mineral springs and crisp fresh air, with sun all year round. Almost every hotel and resort in town offers guest a large range of spa and health treatments, which almost always includes the Narzan water and revitalizing mud baths. Many relaxing nature walks have been designed in the park and nature reserve, as part of their treatments and for relaxation.

Of course, the town is littered with spectacular attractions and noteworthy memorial sites to the past. First and foremost is the Ethnology Museum, which is built in the ruins and remaining stonewalls of the fortress that was constructed in 1803. In 1859, the Narzan Gallery was built over the mineral spring, but is still accessible to gallery visitors curious to taste this unique mineral water. In 1904, architect Alexander Klepinin was responsible for the erection of the Narzan Baths Building and the old Kislovodosk Theater is still in use for shows and various concerts. Other interesting sites to visit include the staircase in the park, the “Honey” Waterfall, the Castle of Wile and Love and the Valley of the Roses. Visitors are recommended to take a trip in the cable cars that enable guests to enjoy a spectacular view of the town. Also to look out for are the beautiful porcelain items in souvenir shops and stores, made at the local ceramic factory in Kislovodsk. The house of the legendary painter, Nicolai Yaroshenko was converted in 1962, to house an art museum. And that is not the only big name to come from the town. Other famous Russians, such as Dmitry Mendeleyev (creator of the periodic table), Ilya Repin, Vasily Vasnetsov and Aleksandr I Solzhenitsyn, are all connected to Kislovodsk.

The town is also a popular destination in Russia for bird watching enthusiasts and ornithologists. The Caucasus Mountains, Borgustansky Ridge and Elbrus Peak are home to a vast variety of birds, including Black Woodpeckers, Green Woodpeckers, Crag Martins, Black Redstarts, Alpine Swifts, Red-Backed Shrikes, Egyptian Vultures, Starlings, Mallard, Eurasian Treecreepers and Pock Buntings. Kislovodsk is a small piece of paradise in the heart of the Caucasus Province.


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