Discover the natural beauty of Krasnodar

Situated on the Kuban River, Krasnodar is a city in southern Russia. It is the administrative center of the Krasnodar Krai region and it began life as a Cossack fortress. Krasnodar was originally named "Ekaterinodar", which means "Catherine's Gift", in recognition of the fact that the land it was built on was given to the Black Sea Cossacks by Catherine the Great. The city became a busy center of trade for the Kuban Cossacks and one of the most vital in southern Russia. However, after the Russian Revolution of 1917 it was renamed Krasnodar, which can either be translated "beautiful gift" or "gift of the reds". Krasnodar saw its fair share of struggles and damage during the Great Patriotic War but was quickly rebuilt afterwards.

Krasnodar city is located in one of the most attractive parts of Russia, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. The surrounding area is characterized by steep, forest-covered mountains, rivers, gorges and canyons that all provide a stunning backdrop to the city. Much of the surrounding territory falls into nature conservation zones that will hopefully ensure the continuance of the beautiful and diverse plant and animal life in the area. All this natural beauty should be a definite feature in your trip to Krasnodar, Russia.

When visiting Krasnodar, you will likely find an interesting and somewhat striking combination of historical monuments, modern housing complexes and bold, featureless industrial facilities. This can be seen as a somewhat appropriate face to the city as it is very old but also continues to grow and improve due to industry each year. Krasnodar is also a center of culture, education and scientific research for the Krasnodar region. The 1897 obelisk, which was built to commemorate 200 years of Kuban Cossack history, is just one example of the many interesting sights to be seen here. Why not visit Krasnodar and discover this intriguing, beautiful and ever-developing city for yourself? You are unlikely to regret it.


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