Enjoy the Natural Wonders of Stavropol

Stavropol is located in the Northern regions of the Caucasus and was founded as a military camp in the year 1777. The city is surrounded by what is known as the Stavropol Territory, which is rich in resources and is home to a staggering amount of wildlife, bird species and plant life. For any nature lover, animal enthusiast or bird watcher, Stavropol and its beautiful surroundings is the perfect destination in Russia.

As a fortified city and military base, Stavropol was significant in defending the borders of the Russian Empire and as protection for the nearby settlements, towns and villages. By 1847, it was given the title of administrative center and changed rulers a few times over during the Russian Civil War. But it was the Great Patriotic War that delivered the hardest blow to the city and sent it tumbling into chaos. Today, there are not many signs left of the destruction and suffering that was brought to Stavropol, only a few buildings and memorials to remember the past. The city has managed to establish quite a few successful industries such as sunflowers, fodder, wheat, potatoes, castor beans, livestock, natural gasses, chemicals, furniture, automobiles, equipment, metal works, petrochemical, food and power. It also has a well-developed educational infrastructure with institutions, such as the North Caucasus State Technical University that was founded in the city in 1971.

The Caucasus Mountains and foothills are a recommended nature exploration destination in Russia. More than 250 tree species, such as the Amur Cork Tree, Pines and Chestnuts, create a breathtaking habitat for various animals and birds. In regard to picturesque landscapes, visitors can look forward to the Lermontov Waterfall and Crag, Berezovka Gorge and the Borgustan Ridge. The following birds and animals can be seen in the surrounding areas of the city, the Stavropol Territory: wolves, hedgehogs, lizards, weasels, foxes, jerboas, badgers, snakes falcons, White-Headed Sea Eagles, owls, woodpeckers, warblers, kestrels, nightingales, sandpipers, starlings and pheasants, and much, much more.

Stavropol also has a wonderful variety of restaurants, cafés and food stores for the hungry, and spectacular performances at the theatre for music loving visitors. Adventure seeking travelers might want to try their hand at a little horseback riding or taking on the Caucasus Mountain hiking trails. No matter what the interests are, be it history, nature or adventure, visitors will find it in Stavropol.


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