Vladikavkaz - Ruler of the Caucasus

Located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountain lies the town that is known as the “Ruler of the Caucasus”, Vladikavkaz. Founded as a military fortress in the year 1784, Vladikavkaz has been at the center of many battles and feuds for control of the city. With the construction of the Georgian Military Highway in 1799 and the railway in 1875, the city began to form a stable transportation network very early on. As a tourist destination in Russia Vladikavkaz has many fascinating attractions and a rich history for visitors to explore.

Vladikavkaz suffered a few name changes over the years, such as being renamed to Ordzhonikidza and at one stage being named Dzaudzhikau, but ultimately reverting back to its original name. At present the estimated population is approximately 315 thousand people, with most of the inhabitants being Armenians, Ossetians, Georgians and Russians. Over and above the railway and freeway, the city also has a small airport as part of its transportation system. There is one airline that operates from the airport and offers more than seven domestic flights to various destinations in Russia every week.

The city also has a very productive industrial sector, with various factories scattered within the city limits. Products such as chemicals, zinc and clothing are manufactured here, and some of the factories, including the textile factories, silver refineries, lead refineries, food processing plants, tractor equipment and motor assembly lines contribute greatly to the economy of the city. There are also a number of smaller industries in Vladikavkaz, that produce furniture, glass, lights and electrotechnical products. As the industrial sector’s product variety has expanded, the educational sector has increased accordingly, with the founding of a mining institute, schools and a university.

Visitors will find the surrounding landscapes to be beautiful and picturesque, and the locals are friendly and very helpful. They will be able to point out the more visited attractions in Vladikavkaz such as the City Mosque, Armernian Church, Ossetian Church and Tamerlane’s Tower, and also direct visitors to the sites that are not as well known, but are noteworthy and fascinating. A recommended attraction in Vladikavkaz is the Ballet and Opera Theater. With the assistance other ballet and opera companies, artists and performers from St. Petersburg, the city has been able to maintain its own performing company that performs at the theater. Vladikavkaz is yet another destination in Russia that visitors will enjoy and fall in love with.


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