Visit the Intriguing Historic Town of Izborsk

Standing on the breathtaking landscapes of Izborsk, in the Pskov Oblast of Russia, it is hard to believe that it was used as a fortification and defense station for the Northern boundaries of Russia. Here, with a back turned to the intimidating fortress, the tranquility and calm of nature hides any memories of suffering, pain and battlefield deaths. The beauty of Izborsk transports visitors to a place of quiet and peaceful surroundings.

This ancient destination in Russia was first mentioned in the year 862, and is believed to be older than the nearby town of Pskov. It is said, according to Russian chronicles, that Izborsk was ruled by the brother of Rurik, even though no evidence has been found to support the presence of Varangians. Excavations of the area have led to the discovery of fascinating artifacts such as weapons, necklaces, bracelets and ornaments; and proof that Krivichs had used this area as a settlement.

But it is the great fortress of Izborsk that draws the most attention and has made this quiet town a popular destination in Russia. Its strong walls are just as spectacular and solid as they were when the fortress was still in use. Within the protective walls is the Nikolcky Cathedral, which is dated back to the fourteenth century. The Museum of Crosses, located near the fortress, is another great attraction and the tomb stones that adorn the land of the ancient graveyard are suggested to have been placed here somewhere between the fourteenth to fifteenth century.

Many artists, such as N.K. Rerikh, have been inspired and captivated by this historical site, and the long legacy of culture and tradition that hangs in the air. It is an atmosphere that is seldom felt anywhere else and cannot be explained, but most describe it as being able to touch history. Maybe it is the healing springs that add to this mysterious atmosphere. Many still believe that these springs contain the power to heal, instill happiness, wealth and love into the lives of those who bathe in the water. To ensure that the springs bless every part of a believer’s life, it is recommended that pilgrim bathe in each of the several springs located at Izborsk.

Izborsk is an interesting and beautiful part of Russian history that assists present day archaeologists with unlocking the hidden secrets of the past. It is a destination in Russia that is filled with mystery and ancient marvels, becoming one of the rare jewels of the Russian plains.


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