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The town of Kondopoga is located in the Republic of Karelia and is situated on the Suna River. The existence of the town was first recorded in the year 1495, and it has many heroic tales and legendary stories to entertain tourists with. Together with its rich history and the Kivach Nature Reserve, Kondopoga has a wonderful mixture of fascinating attractions and breathtaking natural sites. And it is these qualities that have made Kondopoga and most of the Karelia region, a popular tourist destination in Russia.

When huge marble deposits were found near Kondopoga in the year 1757, the town's importance became obvious, and many of the palaces that are still seen in St. Petersburg today, were fitted with this marble. One of the most vital industries that is still running today, was started in the town in 1923. The first paper mill and a hydroelectric power station were built at this time. Unfortunately the entire town, including the industry buildings, were completely destroyed during World War II and in 1957 construction started on rebuilding the town. With the rebuilding of Kondopoga, many new industries, plants and factories were added, such as stoneware factories, mineral plants, stone-working plants and woodworking factories. Paper production and the paper mills are still the leading industries in the town.

War and battle has always plagued Kondopoga and, until recently, there were a few violent outbursts and tragic incidents, but many steps are being taken to bring lasting peace and efforts are being made to resolve the issues still hanging over the Caucasus. Positive influences, such as the opening of the Youth Cultural Centre that was opened in August 2007, should assist in lifting the spirits of the youth and giving them something to look forward to. The center will accommodate a café, an internet class, offices, conference hall, dancing studios, class rooms and a billiard room. The center will host festivals, exhibits, career and guidance counseling and also make lawyers and psychologists available for advice. It is a smoke and alcohol free zone that focuses on the future of the youth and the next generation.

Visitors can look forward to a variety of attractions that includes the Church of the Assumption, which is a wooden architectural marvel that was constructed in the eighteenth century. Other recommended attractions, such as the Ice Palace, Culture Palace and the Kivach Nature Reserve, should be looked at between visits to the museums and concert halls. Kondopoga is a destination in Russia that has all the entertainment, history, culture and nature that visitors are in search of.


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