Enjoy the Tranquil Atmosphere of Lakhdenpokhya

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is a bit different from the sort of place you normally go, you might consider visiting Russia. This beautiful country has a lot to offer the average holiday maker. Accommodation options are usually value for money and you can combine the wonders of sight-seeing with the relaxation of staying in a small little city or town with a slow and enjoyable pace of life. Most of the different cities and towns around the country are connected by a vast railway network, so travel between locations is quick and easy. One great place to go if you are looking for somewhere quiet to relax and unwind is the Russian republic of Karelia.

Karelia is a beautiful part of the country with relatively new establishments and cities and relatively old landscapes. The area enjoys plenty of crisp, clean water and this makes for an incredibly green natural environment. It also means that you can enjoy things such as walks near massive lakes like Lake Ladoga, fishing on rivers and lakes, trips to natural waterfalls, relaxing hydrotherapy treatments at a variety of health spas using naturally mineral-rich waters and breathtaking national parks. You will also find a few interesting historical attractions in Karelia. However the real attraction here is often the many peaceful little towns in the region. One such town is Lakhdenpokhya. This picturesque little town is located about 330 kilometers west of Petrozavodsk and it is connected to other Russian cities by the Vyborg-Joensuu railroad network. The city is incredibly picturesque, situated on the banks of the Aura-Yoki River which provides plenty of water to the surrounding areas.

Not much is known about when the town of Lakhdenpokhya in Russia was founded, but it achieved town status in 1945. Today it continues to essentially be a sleepy little hamlet with a tiny population of only about 8 000 people. It has plenty of great holiday accommodation and is the sort of place you go when you are looking for a quiet little corner of the world to just relax, unwind and appreciate the wonders of nature and the hospitality of foreign cultures. So visit Lakdenpokhya and discover this great little Russian treasure for yourself.


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