Relax in the Peaceful Town of Pitkyaranta

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy your vacation time, a trip to Russia might well be exactly what you are looking for. Not only can you get value for money, but the country is filled with hundreds of great towns and cities which are very worth exploring. Most people touring Russia tend to head to the country’s hotspots. Places like Saint Petersburg and Moscow are brimming with great history and Russian architecture and have every service you could need, as well as every attraction you could want. But while these things are very much worth seeing, sometimes the best holidays are spent at smaller locations where the pace of life is slower and the countryside is picturesque. This is exactly the sort of thing you will find in Pitkyaranta in Russia.

Pitkyaranta is a small town situated in the republic of Karelia in Russia. It is incredibly pretty and enjoys a quiet pace of life. There are only about 13 000 people living in the town, so you can be sure that the town is not too large or too busy. In fact, this sort of small community is usually close knit and you will find warm and friendly faces everywhere. What’s more, the town is situated on the north-eastern coast of Lake Ladoga. This makes for incredibly scenic surrounds. The deep green countryside that surrounds the town seems to make a person feel instantly relaxed, while the refreshing blue waters of the lake will cool you down in the warmest weather. Lake Ladoga is the biggest lake in Europe and it sees quite a bit of activity, so you may even get to meet one or two people from other cities bordering the lake during your stay here.

Pitkyaranta in Russia was founded during the 19th century, so it is not as old as many other Russian cities and towns, but it is not very new either. It does not have tons of historical attractions, but the architecture is attractive, clean-cut and refreshing. The town’s coat of arms features water, which no doubt pictures the lake, hammers and a scroll. The blue and the green on the coat of arms are a good reflection of the blue skies and bright green grass which can be found here. All of these things combine to make Pitkyaranta a location with excellent potential for a peaceful holiday town. So take a walk on the shore of Lake Ladoga, kick up your feet at your hotel or unwind in a coffee shop over the morning paper in Pitkyaranta. This great little town is just waiting to be discovered!


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