Discover the Russian City of Pskov

The ancient Russian city of Pskov has a rich cultural and natural heritage which can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Pskov is the regional center of the Pskov region and it plays a very large role in the governance of the region. Situated between Estonia, St. Petersburg and Riga, Pskov is a wonderful place to stay. Not only can you view the many local attractions of this incredibly old Russian city, but you can also catch a train to the more famous cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to visit more well known attractions such as the Kremlin and Red Square.

To say that Pskov is an old city is an understatement; it celebrated its 1 100 year anniversary in the year 2003. It is one of the oldest cities in Russia and though it's alive with business and development, one cannot but help notice its timelessness. Beautiful Russian buildings and cathedrals stand out against the sky in their own charming manner. There are also ancient fortresses and monasteries which are worth visiting. An interesting amalgamation of Eastern and Western culture compliments this rich heritage and charms and surprises the visitor.

Today, Pskov has a very well developed business structure. The mineral and natural resources are harvested and sold and a large portion of the Russia's electrical appliances are manufactured here. The tourism industry is also fast growing and there are fabulous hotels, restaurants and nightspots to cater for this trend. Transport systems are well developed and you can catch a bus, train, airplane or even boat with relative ease in this well established and grand old city. Only some four hours from St Petersburg, it's a treat.


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violet - 2009-11-15 23:17:56

can anyone tell me the name of the orphanage in pechore im sorry if i miss spelled that im not sure of the spelling and its been to long since i have been over there

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