Discover St Petersburg in Russia

The striking city of St. Petersburg is split by the River Neva and its tributaries, with further sections delineated by the course of the canalized Moyka and Fontanka rivers. All these waterways conveniently divide St. Petersburg into a series of islands and make it fairly easy for visitors to get their bearings.

St. Petersburg's centre lies on the south bank of the Neva, with the curving River Fontanka marking its southern boundary. The area within the Fontanka is made up by a series of wide avenues that fan out from the most visible landmark on the south bank of the Neva, the Admiralty.

Many of the city's greatest sights and monuments - the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Mikhail Castle, the Summer Garden and the St. Isaac and Kazan cathedrals - are located on and around Nevskiy prospect, which is the main avenue.

Across the Neva is Vasilevskiy Island, largest of the city's islands, which is home to the Strelka. The Strelka is the island's eastern tip and it is here that some of St. Petersburg's oldest institutions and most fascinating museums can be found. On the north side of the River Neva, the Petrograd Side is home to the Peter and Paul Fortress. The construction of this fortress is seen as marking the foundation of the city itself. Beyond the River Fontanka, the two most popular destinations are the Smolnyy, from where the Bolsheviks orchestrated the October Revolution, and the Alexander Nevskiy Monastery.

There are few other cities that can offer as many stunning attractions and intriguing moods as St. Petersburg, "the City of Tsars". St. Petersburg is in easy reach of the capitals of Europe and Scandinavia and it offers luxury accommodation, expert destination management companies and very good travel services.


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