Grand Palaces and Castles of Russia

Now that Russian politics has changed for the better, more and more people are visiting this beautiful country. Historically rich and naturally beautiful, Russia is filled with interesting attractions of every sort. Despite problems in the country’s past, the country has never stopped making progress. Many of the Russian cities are quite modern and enjoy just as many conveniences as you would find in other cities around the globe. This means visitors are able to enjoy a comfortable and cost-effective stay in the country as they view the many beautiful attractions that Russia has to offer. Amongst the most popular types of attractions are the many Russian palaces and castles which can be found here.

While Russian castles are a testament to early engineering and fortitude, Russian palaces are intricately beautiful reminders of bygone eras. Visitors to these palaces often find themselves aghast at the ornamentation and decoration that characterizes them. While beautiful paintings adorn ceilings and walls, flourishes and other embellishments indicate the incredible wealth that early nobility enjoyed. While the castles are not usually as decorative, they are well built and strong. Some of them date back hundreds of years and often they have become an official residence at some stage of their history and thus they house a beautiful palace within their strong, thick walls. In Russian the word Kremlin basically means fortress, and the Kremlin at Moscow is a prime example of how a fortress became combined with the wealth of a palace to form an impenetrable stronghold worthy of royalty.

This section of the website deals with somewhat lesser-known palaces and castles – places which are not as big as the Moscow Kremlin but which are still well worth visiting. The Peterhof Palace or the Ivangorod Fortress are just two excellent examples worth seeing. You might also want to visit the Alexander Palace, the Catherine Palace, the Vyborg Castle and Mikhail Castle, amongst others. These ancient edifices still hold immense interest for the modern traveler and should not be missed. So book your tickets and make your travel plans today and come explore these wonderful old buildings.


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Gopal Bhargav - 2009-09-09 05:20:57

Russia is a nice city and i like russian culture. When I offer to russia tour then I don't miss it. Thankyou

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