Alferaki Palace's Outsanding Exhibiton

Alferaki Palace is named for its original owner Nikolay Alferaki, a well-known and rich merchant of the time. Built in Frunze Street, Taganrog of Russia, Alferaki Palace was constructed during 1848. Andrei Stackenschneider was the architect assigned to the project. Most remarkable about the Alferaki Palace is its decorative Corinthian columns as well as its stucco molding after the baroque style. The large hall is beautifully decorated with a remarkable ceiling-painting.

Nikolay Alferakis, the palace's first resident, was born in the city of Taganrog in Russia. The city of Taganrog itself was established in 1698 by Peter I the Great. As a Russian Navy base its development was largely associated with the history of Russia's empire. There are a number of fascinating tourist sights in Taganrog, amongst them is the impressive Alferaki Palace.

For many years Alferaki Palace was home to Nikos Alferakis and his family, including his famous son Achilles Alferakis. Following bankruptcy the Alferaki family was forced to sell the Alferaki palace to Negroponte, a Greek merchant. Between February and April of the year 1918 the Alferaki palace was used by the Soviet Workers' council in Taganrog as the headquarters. Later in 1918 it was used by German's occupying the region as a war hospital. When Soviet forces gained control in Taganrog the mansion of Alferaki palace was used for a variety of institutions. Following 1927 it can to be the Museum of Regional Studies. Between 1991 and 1996 the palace was renovated so that it could be opened to the public. The local municipality frequently makes use of the grand hall for official ceremonies.

The Museum of Regional Studies housed in the Alferaki Palace has a number of artifacts from famous artists and historical figures. Whilst strolling through the museum you will come across items belonging to tsar Alexander I and Tsar Peter I of Russia. Also inside are belongings of Nestor Kukolnik (a well-known poet and playwright), Fiana Ranevskaya (a renowned Russian actress), Alexander Lakier (the man who founded Russian heraldry), Ivan Vasilenko (a children's book author). General Paul von Rennenkampf, Achilles Alferaki (an outstanding romantic composer) and numerous other figures.


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