Port of Kazan

The Port of Kazan is located in the capital of Tatarstan in Russia. Tatarstan has also been called the “Pearl of the Central Volga region”, because of its architectural wonders, such as the Leaning Tower of Princess Suumbike. Kazan is the most important center in Tatarstan, as it is the industrial, cultural and commercial center. The city of Kazan is located in central European Russia, and on the banks of the Kazanka and Volga Rivers. The Port of Kazan is affectionately known as the Port of Five Seas. Besides commercial shipping traffic, the Port of Kazan also deals with many passenger liners.

Kazan’s Port became the shipbuilding base for the Caspian fleet, during a visit by Peter the Great, after the abolishing of the Khanate of Kazan in 1708. During the revolt in 1774, it was mostly destroyed, but rebuilt again during the reign on Catherine the Great. Catherine was also responsible for the rebuilding of mosques in Kazan. Today, Kazan’s Port is the largest port on the Volga River.

Due to the economic and commercial strength of the Kazan City, the Port of Kazan handles many exports and imports into the city. Kazan is home to the largest petro-chemical plants and has oil reserves of approximately 25 million tones, enough for 30 years. The Export – Import Bank guarantee program, handed 270 million to Tatarstan in 1994, to modernize and update their oil industry. The Port of Kazan plays a vital role in the export of the related products.

The joint venture between YelAZ auto factory and General Motors to assemble the Chevrolet Blazer in Taterstan has also generated more movement in the Port of Kazan, as assembled vehicles need to be distributed. Other manufacturers such as chemical plants, electrical equipment manufacturers, building material suppliers and other consumer goods suppliers, contribute to the importance of Kazan’s Port, for the import and export services it provides, and is a vital transportation center.

The Kazan Port was also the scene of great excitement when the yachtsmen of the Nord Star returned to the port on 8 May 1999, after leaving on a round-the-world voyage on 30 August 1997.


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