Port of Murmansk

One of the largest coal handling ports to be found in Russia’s Northern Sea basin is the Port of Murmansk. Rozco is one of the leading shippers at the port. Murmansk has plans for expansion. The port wants to grow further by building new coal export facilities that will double the capacity it can hold for the moment. At one point of its existence, the Northern Russian port of Murmansk changed the history of the world. Today the commercial seaport takes the title of the region’s biggest coal exporting facility.

Part of Murmansk’s success is that the port has access into the hinterland through a sea road, which has a depth of about twenty to sixty meters of water that does not freeze no matter what time of the year it is, because of the warm Gulf Stream springs that flow here. However, this is not the case at other ports that must close during the winter months. From this port, dry cargo vessels and tankers leave and go to different destinations around the world.

Murmansk Trading Port is also gaining special attention because it is at the point of claiming back oil and gas deposits that the Arctic shelf area produces. Vessels pass from here to the Kola Bay and are monitored by the vessels’ pass control system. Due to the advanced port infrastructure, the port can contain vessels with up to one hundred tons of DWT, which is 265 metres long, and can handle vessels of all dimensions due to there being no limitations. The main port terminals and regions are about eleven to fifteen meters deep and due to the tide streams this distance increases by another three meters, which allows more opportunities to load ships.

Murmansk port has links to businesses with the entire world because of its many ports. There are many advantages to docking at Murmansk port and the future expansion of the port is sure to encourage even more trade.


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